I am a Computer Scientist and Master of Engineering from Medellín, Colombia. Graduated from EAFIT University. Currently I am working as Android Lead Developer for the android team working for ISF de Colombia S.A.S. developing new apps and supporting the existing ones for clients such as CE Broker and EverCheck.

Throughout my career I have had many different interests and have been working in different kinds of projects: from functional programming, formal methods and formal software testing to web and mobile development, innovation projects, and ICT tools involving educational purposes.

At the moment my focus is on education and its supporting technological uses in innovation, my master’s degree and project were both related to educational informatics and I am truly convinced by the idea that innovation with technology could help to enhance better capabilities in the educational ecosystems.

I try to come up with smart and easy solutions because that’s the way systems are better sustainable and modifiable over the time.

Some of the tools I work with are:

  • Programming languages: Java, PHP, Haskell, C++, C.
  • Mobile programming: Android, iOS. Currently I’m working with RxAndroid.
  • Database technologies: MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB.
  • Other tools: CMS (WordPress, Joomla), LMS (moodle), Web Services REST and SOAP, Git.

You are welcome to take a look at my CV, either in spanish or english version:

Download CV (English)                                               Download CV (Spanish)