This section describes the projects I have worked on. You can also take a look at my GitHub account if you want to check some of my coding.

CE Broker and EverCheck


I work as android developer, maintaining and developing new features for the mobile apps of these projects. These projects are in the field of licensing and continued education tracking for US based professional boards, CE Broker is intended to be used by the employees while EverCheck is for the employers.

ICT Education Capability Building in Colombia


This is a project by the National Ministry of Education in Colombia, with the implementation company LG-CNS, intended to create Innovation Centers in the country to help and enhance the use of ICT tools and skills in education.

I worked as an advisor in the Colombia Aprende e-Portal renovation component of the project, supporting the software architecture related topics.

African Leather (Rugs Manufacturers)

Logo_trans grande

African Leather is a rugs and carpets manufacturer from Medellín, Colombia. I developed the renewed website for them, and worked alongside with the designers to renovate some of its contents.

Orthodent (Dental Clinic)


Orthodent is a dental clinic founded by my father in Medellín, Colombia, more than 25 years ago. In recent years I helped them to create a webpage to show their services through the web, and to expand their market, also creating social media profiles to manage a digital strategy with customers. Currently the digital strategy is not managed by me since I handed it to themselves, but I still try to maintain the web site and update it.

ARTICA (Alianza Regional en TIC Aplicadas)


I worked as a research assistant at this innovation center, created in Medellín with the association of different universities and companies. During my time there I worked on various projects:

  • Development of some components of a TV Content recommender system, for UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones ©.
  • Technical support and development of new features for the Android and iOS versions of the UNE:TV app.
  • Development of some components of a scholar bus tracking system, Safe2School.

Universidad de la República (Uruguay)

As my undergraduate internships I worked as a research assistant for the Computing Institute (InCo) at the Engineering Faculty of the Universidad de la República (Uruguay) within the Formal Methods Research Group. Activities included programming, testing and comparison of different memorization and tabulation techniques in functional languages (Haskell).